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Berkopal - X-ray

Maximum radiation protection  

Technical information

  • Acoustic performance:- NPD
  • Application:- When radiation sources are used (X-ray rooms)
  • Core:- Plywood core with two integrated lead sheets. Lead thickness from 2x 0,5 mm up to 2x 3 mm.   
  • Dimensions:- 1250 x 2500 mm 
  • Door thickness:- Appr. 40 mm
  • Edge finishing: - Plywood. Optional: moulded Epic Edge finishing on vertical edges
  • Edge:- Flush
  • Finishing type:- High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
  • Fire performance:- NPD
  • Other performance:- Radiation protection
  • Other: - Adapt hinges to weight of door and use an a-symmetric lock to prevent radiation leakage. Please use lead also in the frame and wall.
  • Stiles and rails:- No stiles and rails
  • Vision panel:- Various options with X-ray glass and X-ray glass beads
  • Weight:- Depending on thickness lead sheets. When 2x 1,0 lead: 52,5 kg/m2   
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