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Door edge protection

Hygienic door edge protection

EPIC edge is a polyurethane lipping that is moulded to the edge of the door. This unique finished edge forms a seamless bond around the door, completely sealing it off to bacteria. An extremely durable material, the edging has the additional advantage of enhancing the impact resistance of the door.


Advanced hygiene

The pore-tight nature of the seamless finish dramatically reduces the possibility of bacteria and allergens entering a room as bacteria simply cannot penetrate the edge. The elimination of chipped and/or unsealed door edges represents an important tool in the prevention of contamination and infection. The nature of EPIC edge also makes a door easy to clean and non-static.


Extended lifespan

Protecting the door with EPIC edge will extend the lifespan of a door and reduce the cost of maintenance. EPIC edge is a durable, flexible and energy absorbing seal. The enhanced resistance to impact and chipping means doors in any facility will last longer and require far less maintenance and refurbishment.  



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