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Introducing Germano Brancatisano and Peter van de Bruinhorst 

Germano Brancatisano, International Business Manager


Germano discovered his passion for international business throughout his international education, which has been strengthened by working in various foreign countries. Even before that, it helped that he is coming from an international family. “International business fascinates me,” as he puts it.


What motivates Germano most of all is generating new business and thereby “opening new doors” in existing an new markets. There are many Berkvens doors yet to be opened in co-operation with our Partners and Dealers.


Peter van de Bruinhorst, International Business Manager


As International Business Manager since February 2008, Peter oversees the export of doors and frames to countries including Rumenia, Russia and the UK.


He can see the demand increasing in many countries for quality doors and fitting frames for them. Berkvens is equipped to meet the requirements and wishes of our partners in the construction industry because we deliver complete doorsets and offer sales support and good value for money.


Together with our internal Export department, Peter and Germano look forward to be of service to you as we can offer you professional support for the unique Berkvens product range.


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Hygienic ultimate door edge protection


EPIC edge is a polyurethane lipping molded to the edge of the door. This unique finished edge forms a seamless bond with the door, sealing off bacteria from penetrating the door. Protecting the door with EPIC edge will extend its lifespan and reduce the costs of maintenance. EPIC edge is a durable, flexible and energy absorbing seal.


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